The short course will take place at the Juquehy Praia Hotel in Juquehy, a small beach district of the city of São Sebastão on the coast of the state of São Paulo.  Juquehy is about 50 min from Guarujá, the site of the subsequent LASDB 2nd International Meeting.  The Juquehy Praia Hotel is a well-equipped venue, with a maximum capacity for 100 guests and a staff who is experienced in international meetings. 


Passport and Visa

A valid passport is required for all visitors to Brazil. Please contact the Brazilian embassy or consulate in your country for visa requirements.  -   Apply early to avoid last minute surprises! 

Acceptance letter to the course will be issued to the student upon completion of the selection process. 



Latin America  -   Jose Xavier Neto:  xavier.neto@incor.usp.br

U.S.A.  -   Ida Chow:  ichow@faseb.org



Link to Juquehy Praia Hotel website:  http://www.juquehy.com.br/index_ing.html

Link to the 2nd LASDB International Meeting website:  http://www.biology2005.com

Link to the Brazilian Embassy website:  http://www.brasilemb.org