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FlyCycle CD cover


Mary S. Tyler, Ronald N. Kozlowski, and Laurie Iten
FlyCycle CD
Sinauer Associates, Sunderland, MA
ISBN 0-87893-839-7






Description of CD-ROM

FlyCycle is a CD-ROM adaptation of the film, Fly Cycle: The Lives of a Fly, Drosophila melanogaster (Mary S. Tyler, Jamie W. Schnetzer, and David Tartaglia, Sinauer Associates, 1996). Formatted for Macintosh and Windows processors, it includes forty minutes of QuickTime movies, depicting details on the biology and life cycle of Drosophila—adult courting and mating, embryonic development, larval growth, imaginal discs and salivary glands, metamorphosis, and a gallery of mutants used in research.

Included on the CD is the text to an accompanying 40-page booklet that can be used on the computer with convenient text hyperlinks, or printed out. The booklet presents information on each segment of the CD-ROM, a "getting started" section for those who want to raise fruit flies, a list of suppliers, an annotated selected bibliography, and a glossary.

For the Macintosh: Centris 650 or higher Power PC (recommended), running System 7.5 or better, 16 MB of RAM (24 MB recom mended), 4X or better CD-ROM Drive, Color monitor displaying 8-bit at 640x480 pixels resolution (16- or 24-bit recommended).
For PC/Windows: Pentium 90 MHz or better running Windows 95 or Windows NT 16 MB of Ram (24 MB recommended), 4X or better CD-ROM Drive, SuperVGA Monitor with Sound Card. QuickTime 2.1.2 required (Installer included).


Numbers in parentheses specify the running time of each segment.
Life Cycle (1:38)
Adult or Imago (2:55)
Courtship (1:37) Male's Love Song (0:40)
Mating (0:55)
Egg Laying (1:35)
Eggs (1:10)
Sperm (0:48)
Embryonic Development (5:05)
Early Embryogenesis (1:08)
Hatching (0:43)
Larvae (0:34)
Molting (0:47)
Third Instar (0:32)
Larval Dissection (0:31)
Salivary Glands (0:47)
Imaginal Discs and Gonads (1:58)
Metamorphosis [Summary] (0:22)
Prepupal Heart (0:45)
Prepupal Stages (0:38)
Head Eversion (1:10)
Pupal Stages (1:53)
Eclosion (0:57)
Wing Inflation (0:54)
Genes and Mutant Flies (1:13)
y: yellow (0:17); e: ebony (0:17); w: white (0:19); B: Bar and f: forked (0:30); ap: apterous and cn: cinnabar (0:44); bw: brown and vg: vestigial(0:38) Cy: Curly (0:24) Sb: Stubble (0:10); Antp: Antennapedia (0:50); shi: shibire(0:48)


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