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Gary C. Schoenwolf
Embryo: Color Atlas for Developmental Biology
Prentice Hall, Englewood Cliffs, NJ

Description of CD-ROM

EMBRYO: COLOR ATLAS FOR DEVELOPMENTAL BIOLOGY is a collection of hundreds of high-quality color photographs of developing frog, chick, and pig embryos on CD-ROM.

Paired labeled and unlabeled images are included, with each pair consisting of conventional whole mounts or serial transverse and sagittal sections.

Suitable for both student self-study and computer-aided teaching withina classroom setting, this exciting new tool will enhance your students'experience in developmental biology.

Sample Images

Each image on the CD will consist of a group of three: a fully labeled image (below left), an image labeled with letters for testing purposes (below middle), and a completely unobscured, unlabeled image (below right). [Click on an image to see a full-size version.]
Small Sample Image Small Sample Image Small Sample Image

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