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Gary C. Schoenwolf and Willis W. Mathews
Atlas of Descriptive Embyrology, 6th Edition
Prentice Hall
ISBN 0-13-0909580





1. Gametogenesis

2. Fertilization

3. Worm Development

4. Echinoderm Development

5. Chordate Development

6. Amphibian Development

7. Avian Development

8. Mammalian Development

9. Human Reproduction


Glossary, Synopsis of Development and Index

The sixth edition of Atlas of Descriptive Embryology is my second revision of this popular atlas. My goal in this revision, as in my last revision, was to continue to meet the need, as stated by Professor Mathews in the Preface of the First Edition, for an atlas consisting of detailed, accurate pictures of a wide range of standard laboratory materials, which are fully labeled. To this end, I have made principally four revisions in the sixth edition. First, a new chapter (Chapter 3) has been added on worm development, using Caenorhabditis elegans as a model organism. This organism serves as an important model system for understanding mechanisms of development at the genetic, molecular and cellular levels. Its complete cell lineage, which is invariant, has been deciphered and its entire genome has been sequenced. Additionally, many interesting mutants are available. Second, all figures have been renumbered according to the chapter in which they appear and their order of appearance within that chapter. Thus, for example, Figure 8.5 is the fifth figure appearing in Chapter 8. Third, leader lines on all figures have been modified to increase their visibility. Finally, the Glossary, Synopsis of Development and Index has been revised to increase its usefulness and accuracy. Because my overriding goal in revision is to make succeeding editions better than previous editions and, in particular, to make each new edition more useful to students and instructors, I invite your comments (


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