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Richard P. Harvey and Nadia Rosenthal, Editors
Heart Development
October 1998
Academic Press, Inc.
ISBN 0-12-329860-1


This book examines recent studies revealing that the same genes are responsible for development of parallel features between species, and the heart develops similarly across all species. It includes research being conducted concerning cardiac development, tissue interaction, and organ formation. The text attempts to provide a greater understanding of the underlying causes of heart failure, heart muscle diseases, congenital malformations, and other heart diseases and defects.


The development of the cardiovascular system is an exciting and rapidly advancing area of biomedical research, powered by an urgent necessity to reduce the incidence of human cardiovascular disease. It is becoming increasingly clear that many of the congenital pathologies afflicting the adult heart will be best understood by tracing their origins in embryonic development. The recent fusion of classical embryology with modern molecular genetics has resulted in an explosion of information about the developing heart in a variety of organisms. A comprehensive knowledge of the control circuitry in the cardiovascular system will form the basis for future advances in genetic therapy and organ culture.

This book presents a collection of chapters written by experts in the field, who describe their current insights into the molecular basis of cardiovascular development. The subject matter ranges from the lineage origins and morphogenesis of the developing cardiovascular system, through genetic dissection of cardiovascular development in a variety of model organisms, to the molecular basis of congenital heart defects. Its broad scope will appeal to the generalist or teacher, seeking an overview of the subject, while providing clinicians and medical researchers with comprehensive coverage of the most recent advances.


R. P. Harvey and N. Rosenthal, Preface and Acknowledgments. C. Seidman, Introduction. Origins and Early Morphogenesis: P. Tam and G. Schoenwolf, Cardiac Fate Maps: Lineage allocation, Morphogenetic Movement and Cell Commitment. T. Mikawa, Cardiac Lineages. Cardiac Induction: T. Mohun and L.M. Leong, Heart Formation and the Heart Field in Amphibian Embryos. T.M. Schultheiss and A.B. Lassar, Vertebrate Heart Induction. Genetic Dissection of Heart Development: R. Bodmer and M. Frasch,Genetic Control Mechanisms in Drosophilia Heart Development. D. Stainier, Mutations Affecting Cardiac Development in Zebrafish. R.P. Harvey,C. Biben, and D.A. Elliott, Transcriptional Control and Pattern Formation in the Developing Vertebrate Heart: Studies on NK-2 Class Homeodomain Factors. B.L. Black and E.N. Olson, Control of Cardiac Development by the Family of MEF2 Transcription Factors. D. Srivastava, Segmental Regulation of Cardiac Development by the Basic Helix-Loop-Helix Transcription Factors dHAND and eHAND. Normal and Abnormal Morphogenesis: R.R. Markwald, C.H. Mjaatvedt, A. Ramsdell, D. Turner, A. Wessels, and H. Yamamura, Mechanisms of Segmentation, Septation and Remodeling of the Tubular Heart: Endocardial Cusion and Cardiac Looping. M.L. Kirby, Contribution of Neural Crest to Heart and Vessel Morphology. A.F.M. Moorman and W.H. Lamars, Development of the Conduction System of the Vertebrate Heart. H.M. Sucov and S.W. Kubalak, Retinoids in Heart Development. P.A. Krieg and O. Cleaver, Molecular Mechanisms of Vascular Development. Genetic Control of Muscle Gene Expression: K.R. Chien, V.T.B. Nguy-Trn, J. Chen, and P. Ruiz Lozano, The MLC-2 Paradigm for Ventricular Heart Chamber Specification, Maturation, and Morphogenesis. R.J. Schwartz , J.M. Reecy, and N.S. Beelaguli SRF/Homeobox Protein Interactions. J.M. Leiden and M.S. Parmacek, The GATA Transcription Factors and Cardiac Development. C.P. Ordahl and S.B. Larkin, Multiple Layers of Control in Transcriptional Regulation by MCAT Elements and the TEF-1 Protein Family. Heart Patterning: The Anterior/Posterior Axis: M. Buckingham, R.G. Kelly, A.F.M. Moorman, and D. Franco, Regionalization of Transcriptional Potential in the Myocardium. F.E. Stockdale and G.F. Wang, Chamber-Specific Gene Expression and Regulation During Heart Development. Heart Patterning: Left-Right Asymmetry: J. Yost, Establishment of Cardiac Left/Right Asymmetry. K. Majurnder and P. Overbeek, Left/Right Asymmetry and Cardiac Looping. Cell Proliferation in Cardiovascular Development and Disease: M. Schneider, and W.R. MacLellan, The Cardiac Cell Cycle. K. Walsh, H.R. Perlman, and R.C. Smith, Regulation of Vascular Smooth Muscle Differentiation and Cell Cycle. Human Cardiac Developmental Defects: N.A. Brown and R.H. Anderson, Symmetry and Laterality in the Human Heart: Developmental Implications. P.J. Scambler, B.S. Emanuel, and M.L. Budarf, The Genetic Basis of Conotruncal Defects: The Chromosomal 22q.11.2 Deletion. B. Casey and K. Kosaki, Genetics of Human Left-Right Malformations. Lessons from Skeletal Muscle: N. Rosenthal, O. Pourquie, M. McGrew, J. Xavier Neto, Molecular Genetics of Skeletal Muscle Development. Subject Index.

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