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Sally A. Moody, Editor
Cell Lineage and Fate Determination
October 1998
Academic Press, Inc.
ISBN 0-12-505255-3


Cell Fate and Lineage provides a comprehensive view of the mechanisms regulating cell lineage and fate determination in an effort to understand how the fertilized egg is transformed into a complex of specialized tissues. It presents basic information on eight different animal models and recent developmental biological research done in each model. The book provides a focused forum presenting key information for researchers studying various aspects of developmental and cellular biology. Extensive use of tables and black-and-white and color figures helps illustrate each model. The book concludes by discussing future goals for bringing cellular, molecular, and genetic research to clinical applications and tissue replacement therapies.



Contributors. Foreword.Sea Urchins and Ascidians:G.A. Wray, Introduction to Sea Urchins. R.A. Cameron and J.A. Coffman, Gene Expression and Early Cell Fate Specification in Embryos ofthe Purple Sea Urchin (Strongylocentrotus purpuratus). A.H.Wikramanayake and W.H. Klein, Otx, b-Catenin and the Specificationof Ectodermal Cell Fates in the Sea Urchin Embryo. C.Y. Logan andD.R. McClay, Lineages that Give Rise to the Endoderm and theMesoderm in the Sea Urchin Embryo. N. Satoh, Cell Fate Determinationin the Ascidian Embryo. Nematode: W.B. Wood, Cell Lineages in Caenorhabditis elegans Development. B. Bowerman, TheMaternal Control of Polarity and Patterning during Embryogenesis inthe Nematode Caenorhabditis elegans. R.E. Ellis, Sex andDeath in the Caenorhabditis elegans Germ Line. S.W. Emmons, Cell Fate Determination in Caenorhabditis elegans RayDevelopment. A. Hajnal, Cell Fate Determination and SignalTransduction During Caenorhabditis elegans Vulval Development.Leech: G.S. Stent, Introduction to the Leech. D.A.Weisblat, F.Z. Huang, and D.E. Isaksen, Cell Fate Specification inGlossiphoniid Leech: Macromeres, Micromeres, and Proteloblasts.S.T. Bissen, Spatial and Temporal Control of Cell Divisionduring Leech Development. M. Shankland, Anteroposterior PatternFormation in the Leech Embryo. Drosophila: J.A.Campos-Ortega, Studies on Cell Lineage and Cell Fate Determinationin Drosophila. R.W. Carthew, R.C. Kauffmann, S. Kladny, S.Li, and J. Zhang, Cell Determination in the Drosophila Eye.E. Siegfried, Role of Drosophila Wingless Signaling in CellFate Determination. J. Broadus and E.P. Spana, Asymmetric CellDivision and Fate Specification in the Drosophila Central NervousSystem. Frog: I.B. Dawid, Your Origin Is Your Fate—Or IsIt? S.A. Sullivan, K.B. Moore, and S.A. Moody, Early Events inFrog Blastomere Fate Determination. D.S. Kessler, MaternalSignaling Pathways and the Regulation of Cell Fate. C.S. Newmanand P.A. Krieg, Specification and Differentiation of the Heart inAmphibia. M. Perron and W.A. Harris, Cellular Determination inAmphibian Retina. Zebrafish: W. Driever, Introduction tothe Zebrafish. S.E. Fraser, Cell Interactions and MorphogeneticMotions Pattern the Zebrafish Nervous System. R.K. Ho, J.P. Kanki,V.E. Prince, L. Joly, M. Ekker, and A. Fritz, Patterning of theZebrafish Embryo Along the Anteroposterior Axis. D.W. Raible andJ.S. Eisen, Specification of Neural Crest Cell Fate in the EmbryonicZebrafish. Chick: G.C. Schoenwolf, Section Introduction,The Avian Embryo: A Model for Descriptive and Experimental Embryology.A. Streit and C.D. Stern, More to Neural Induction than Inhibitionof BMPs. T. Mikawa, Determination of Heart Cell Lineages. R.Adler and T. Belecky-Adams, Cell Fate Determination in the ChickEmbryo Retina. Mammals: R.A. Pedersen, Cell Lineage andCell Fate Determination in Mammals. B.P. Davidson, A. Camus, andP.P.L. Tam, Cell Fate and Lineage Specification in the GastrulatingMouse Embryo. L. Selwood and D. Hickford, Early Cell Lineagesin Marsupial Embryos. M. Zernicka-Goetz, Green Fluorescent Protein:A New Approach to Understanding Spatial Patterning and Cell Fate inEarly Mammalian Development. M.L. Ware and C.A. Walsh, Cell Fateand Cell Migration in the Developing Cerebral Cortex. VertebrateTissue Specification: S.A. Moody, Tissue Determination: AnIntroduction. T.D. Sargent and M.I. Morasso, Differentiation ofVertebrate Epidermis. E.C. Liao and L.I. Zon, Conservation ofThemes in Vertebrate Blood Development. M. Gannon and C.V.E.Wright, Endodermal Patterning and Organogenesis. M. Buckinghamand S. Tajbakhsh, Myogenic Cell Specification During Somitogenesis.Index.

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