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Dictionary of Developmental Biology and Embryology
Frank J. Dye
ISBN: 0-471-44357-3
Wiley, 2002

The motivation for the creation of this work was a perceived need for such a book. Unlike The Dictionary of Cell Biology, such a book does not exist for embryology and developmental biology, yet undergraduates, graduate students and researchers would find such a book to be most convenient. Probably, most of the terms found in this book are accessible on the Internet, however, it is often not convenient to boot up the computer and initiate a search for the term in question. In addition to terminology, this book also presents historical vignettes of some of the major contributors, classical and modern, to embryology and developmental biology, as well as a number concepts (as opposed to terminology per se).

The approach used in creating this book was to begin with my own core vocabulary of embryology and developmental biology and, then, examine textbooks, both classic and as recent as 2001. Subsequently, a number of journals and other serial publications were examined. This first edition will, perhaps, have omissions of some terms that you feel should be included. The author would greatly appreciate it if you would send suggested terms for possible inclusion in subsequent editions of this book to:

Subsequent editions of this book will include a CD-ROM disc which will facilitate cross-referencing of terms and exploration of usage of terms in different contexts.
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