Postdoctoral Fellow, North Carolina State University

Posted 11/7/2017

Regulation of gene expression is of paramount importance in developing tissues, where several genes coding for transcription factors regulate each other in a complex web of interactions known as the genetic regulatory network (GRN). The structure of a GRN is thought to ensure the robust and precise cell fate decisions required in a developing tissue. However, there remain unknown components in the native GRN, limiting a full understanding of how the structure of the GRN results in robust cell fate decisions. The objective of this project is to use the natural variation that occurs in a panel of wild-caught fly lines (the Drosophila Genetic Reference Panel, or DGRP) to characterize the GRN responsible for precise anterior-posterior (AP) patterning the early Drosophila embryo.

The purpose of the postdoctoral position is uncover subtle, yet crucial regulation using the natural variation found in the DGRP. The approach will be to measure the expression of genes in the fly lines of the DGRP using fluorescent imaging and omic approaches, such as RNAseq. The differences in gene expression will be correlated to differences in genomic sequence across the DGRP to infer novel cis and trans regulatory activity in the well-studied AP patterning network.

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