SDB Committees

Professional Development and Education Committee
Inclusion and Outreach Committee
Public Affairs Committee

Publications and Communication Committee

  • Robb Krumlauf, Stowers Institute for Medical Research (Chair '20)
  • John Wallingford, University of Texas, Austin (President '18)
  • Lilianna Solnica Krezel, Washington University (President-elect, '18)
  • Marianne Bronner, Caltech (Developmental Biology Editor-in-Chief)
  • Alexandra Joyner, Memorial Sloan-Kettering Center (WIREs-DevBio Co-Editor-in-Chief)
  • Jasna Markovac, University of Michigan (Publishing)
  • Ondine Cleaver, University of Texas Southwestern (Social Media Communications)
  • Marsha Lucas (ex officio)
  • Ida Chow (ex officio)

Investment Subcommittee

SDB Representatives on FASEB Committees

  • Board of Directors: Lee Niswander, U Colorado-Denver
  • Science Policy Committee: Carole LaBonne, Northwestern University
  • Training Subcommittee: Graciela Unguez, New Mexico State University
  • Publications and Communications Committee: Alexandra Joyner, Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center
  • Excellence in Science & Award Committee: Rachel M. Brewster, University of Maryland College Park
  • Research Conferences Advisory Committee: Laurel Raftery, University of Nevada
  • Executive Officers Advisory Committee: Ida Chow, SDB
Last Updated on 01/05/2018